What is a Signal Reception Center and how does it work?

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The Signal Reception Center is a department that operates continuously 24 hours a day, receiving signals from the alarm systems that are installed in business premises, homes and other places. In this way we monitor the smooth flow and any problems that may arise.

A Signal Reception Center has a network of multiple receivers, servers and computers that operate with specialized software, in order for its experienced and specially trained staff to process the signals it receives with speed, accuracy and responsibility.

Indicative types of signals received and managed by a KLS.

  • Burglary signal and specifically from which point (zone) of the protected area it came.
  • Alarm end signal.
  • Arming and disarming the alarm system with user identification.
  • Disarmament signal of the alarm that was made under threat.
  • Personal threat signal.
  • Medical aid signal.
  • Fire detection signal.
  • Check the good operation of the telephone line (TEST).
  • Reset or recovery signal after a telephone line problem.
  • Alarm signal in case of attempt to find the keypad code.
  • Zone exclusion signal when arming the alarm.
  • Excess of siren consumption or disconnection.
  • Band cable problem or short circuit.
  • Auxiliary output consumption limit exceeded (radar supply)
  • Problem or power failure (220V) and reset.
  • Check the system battery status every 24 hours. Battery drop or disconnect and reset or reconnect.
  • Loss of real time of the central unit and its reprogramming.
  • Sending statements with the signals received by the station from the alarm system to the customer.
  • Informing the subscriber in case of non-arming of the system after the end of the operating hours.
  • Information in case of disarmament of the alarm beyond operating hours.

Depending on the signal format, the operators instantly take the necessary actions, such as e.g. in case of burglary

  • Notify Police (100)
  • They inform the subscriber and the people he has declared to be informed on a case by case basis.