Additional Security Services

North Hellas Security provides additional, specialized, security services securing your people and property.


GPS tracking of vehicles

Gain full control of your fleet with our solutions - prevent theft with car lock management, receive alerts for possible contract breaches, and monitor driver behavior and areas where vehicles are driven.

Επιπλέον υπάρχει η δυνατότητα ελέγχου διαδρομής με γεωφράχτη, την κίνηση δηλαδή του οχήματος σε προκαθορισμένη διαδρομή. 

Take advantage of the security system you already have by activating the additional service provided by North Hellas Security. We check daily and notify you immediately for violations of operating hours, entry of users during non-working hours, delay of arming
of the security system.

One of the benefits of North Hellas Security is the notification of its subscribers via sms, phone and email around the clock.

North Hellas Security operators see the image live and are given the opportunity to immediately assess the incident and act accordingly. In other words they are able to know if the violations are false e.g. due to misuse, weather conditions, technical failure etc. or if it is a real threat, armed robbery, vandalism as well as the exact number of perpetrators, the point of entry and their movements!

Σέρρες Παρακολούθηση οχημάτων με gps

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    Security services

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    Our services are ISO certified according to the standards EN ISO9001: 2015, EN ISO14001: 2015 and EN ISO45001: 2018