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    An alarm is a system designed to detect intrusion, such as unauthorized entry, into a building or other area such as a house, etc. An integrated alarm system protects and ensures that if someone enters your premises illegally, they will be notified. suitable way.

    Surveillance, recording and remote transmission systems are one of the ways of surveillance of spaces through a CCTV television circuit, the use of which is constantly increasing. Video surveillance is one of the most important and effective prevention measures. Security cameras are the main deterrent against burglary, as research has shown that more than 30% of robbers do not break into homes with cameras.

    They observe the surrounding area (balconies, entrances, courtyards, etc.), suspicious movements of people or vehicles, as well as possible violations. In addition, they control any damage from weather events, accidents, sabotage, vandalism and inform the authorities. They generally intervene and control everything unusual, so we make sure there is a stable monitoring team, per area.

    This is the maximum form of security of your space, as trained security guards undertake the protection, access control, supervision of security systems, provide assistance and react immediately in case of danger.

    Depending on the specifics of each need, the following are provided: physical housekeeping, supervision of professional facilities, any kind of escort V.I.P. and physical event storage.

    When there is a violation, therefore an alarm in the area, the operators through the Video Verification service, have remote visual contact with the area, in parallel with the alarm signal. Operators monitor the event as it succeeds by achieving: Alarm verification. Valid immediate and confirmed evaluation. Faster response from police and owners. Operators see the image live and are given the opportunity to immediately assess the incident and act accordingly. In other words they are able to know if the violations are false e.g. due to misuse, weather conditions, technical failure etc. or if it is a real threat, armed robbery, vandalism as well as the exact number of perpetrators, the point of entry and their movements!

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