Signal Reception Center 24/7

North Hellas Security receives digital emergency signals from the security system of the insured area, which are utilized by specialized personnel in the field of security.

North Hellas Security maintains in full operational operation a 24-hour Signal Reception Center (KLS) nationwide coverage, which with the most modern equipment successfully respond to the monitoring mission of thousands of connected systems nationwide and the coordination of all planned actions on a 24-hour basis.

In any case of emergency, the experienced staff of the Signal Reception Center notifies the Competent Authorities and at the same time provides, where provided, the first advice-instructions for dealing with any risk.

24ωρη παρακολούθηση security Σέρρες


Burglary signal

The Immediate Action (100) or the local Ast is notified immediately by phone. Department for insured areas outside Serres, the subscriber, as well as the helplines (which he has notified in writing) for his immediate information. In addition, North Hellas Security is able to know which part of the insured area was breached.

Fire signal
Personal threat signal

In this case, the alarm in the protected area is silent (given in an emergency of personal threat, by pressing a special button) and the signal received by North Hellas Security is utilized as above, informing the Immediate Action about the super-urgency of the incident .

Medical emergency signal

In this case, too, the signal is given by pressing a special button (which can also be wireless) and all emergency telephones are immediately notified, which have been notified in writing by the subscriber (personal doctor, insurance company, relatives, etc. .etc.), informing about the special nature of the incident.

Electricity drop signal

Ενημερώνεται ο συνδρομητής 15 λεπτά μετά την λήψη του σήματος. (Το σύστημα συναγερμού έχει ορισμένη αυτονομία λειτουργίας χωρίς ηλεκτρικό ρεύμα).


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